Rules of Valhalla

ValhallaFest is a place where you can express yourself in ways you may not be able to in the default world. Generally most things are allowed, however there are a few “must follow” rules that you will need to keep in mind. Failure to follow these rules may result in expulsion from the event. In particular, behavior which endangers others will not be tolerated.

Help us keep the landscape beautiful. We will provide all vehicles entering the property with a garbage + recycling bag. Please use them.

If you smoke, please bring something you can put your butts in. Altoids mint tins work fantastic. We will have cans you can empty your cigarette butts into.

Hint: stinky garbage can be placed in bags and placed in a cooler to contain the scent.

Please show respect to the volunteers who will have to clean up after you.

There are going to be kids, pets and people who lose their shoes running around the festival. Don’t be the cause of someone’s injury.

Lasers are really cool but also really dangerous. People have been permanently blinded from irresponsible people with handheld lasers. If however, you wish to set up a stationary laser please register as an artist and we will work with you to ensure your laser display is safe for the festival.

We do not sell alcohol at ValhallaFest so feel free to bring your own. With that in mind, ValhallaFest strives to be a welcoming place for families so please imbibe in your own camp before joining us on the dance floor.

Feel free to bring your pet if it appreciates bass as much as you do. Keep it on a leash though, some people may not like interacting with your pet without you nearby. If we find your pet without a leash we will call you out from the stage, and you will be asked to leave the grounds.

Want to sell stuff at ValhallaFest? Great! Register with the event. Otherwise, don’t go walking around peddling your bootleg Valhalla swag to people. Note: giving stuff to people for free is perfectly acceptable.

Until we finish the construction of the Holmgang Pits, this rule stands as written. Fighting participants will be ejected from the event by security. If you have beef with someone, put it on ice until Monday.

Firearms of any kind, including air rifles, bb guns and paintball guns are not allowed on site. Explosives and pyrotechnics which have not been registered with ValhallaFest BEFORE the event are not permitted.

Despite BC being on Fire every summer, the Terrace area has been so far mostly unscathed. We don’t want the epicenter of the Great 2019 Inferno being from your campsite. Use one of the pits we provide, monitor your fire while its lit, and don’t pile wood so high it gets out of control.

No feathered war bonnets or anything resembling them are permitted on site. Various First Nations groups have expressed their offence at people wearing war bonnets at music festivals. As ValhallaFest takes place on the traditional land of the Tsimshian people, we ask that you leave such headgear at home.

There is going to be a lot of people walking around ValhallaFest. While we encourage people to wear lights, the less vehicles driving around (especially at night), the better. If you don’t think you will spend the day at Valhalla, please park at the front parking lot (also we don’t reserve parking, so if you camp at the end and move your vehicle, you will likely lose your spot).