Getting There: Thine Portal Is Near!

From Terrace

Drive west towards Rupert on highway 16. Drive west past the Tempo gas station on the right hand side and keep driving (it is 6KM west of the Tempo gas Station on the right). The Skeena River will be on your left and you will pass the village of New Remo on your right. At the end of New Remo you will cross the Zimmacord River Bridge. The Entrance to ValhallaFest is 100 Meters past the bridge on the Right Hand side or North Side of the Highway.


From Prince Rupert

Drive towards Terrace on highway 16. Once you pass the Shames Mountain Access Road, you are getting close. The site is 13 KM further east from the Shames Mountain Access Road. 12KM or about 6 minutes drive at normal speed you will see the sign for Yellow Cedar lodge on the right hand side. The entrance to ValhallaFest is on the left side (or north side) of the highway 800 meters east of the Yellow Cedar Lodge access road.


Where do I park?

On site parking is limited – we heavily encourage car-pooling. Vehicle passes are available to purchase if you wish to park your vehicle on site.  Unlike the Big Yellow Taxi song, we will not be cutting down our forests to make more parking lots. In 2018 many people opted to park on the side of the highway – just note that doing so is at your own risk.

When parking on site, please don’t park like a hoser. Spots are not reserved, so if you move your vehicle from your spot, you will likely lose it. If you think you will need to go back to town during the event, please park in the front parking area.