ValhallaFest Festival Details

Valhalla Fest 2018:
June 22, 23, 24

Gates Open:
6PM Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Music Starts 3PM Friday, June 22, and Ends 1PM Sunday June 24th, 2018.

1st Annual ValhallaFest, Terrace BC Festival:
This is our first of what we hope to be a long running annual festival. We haven't perfected things yet and we expect a certain amount of chaos. For us, the main point is making a music festival a reality on Terrace. We hope you will work with us to make this a great experience and appreciate your understanding!

Music Line-Up:
Artist Zone

Festival Map:

Valhallafest Festival Map

Checking in:
There is a small cabin inside the gate that serves as the check in. Cash is suggested as cell reception can be on and off. We can process credit cards but not bank cards.
At the check in, you will be issued wrist bands, maps to parking and camping and parking passes. We request festival attendees to remove their garbage and empties with them.
All parties who enter the festival grounds do as at their own risk "Please see the terms and conditions for festival grounds entry here:" .

Since this is our first annual Valhalla Fest, we are still working on building roads, parking lots and camping spaces. Valhalla 2018 will be restricted to 100 or so vehicles. We urge people to carpool to reduce the need for cars on site. Each Vehicle brought on site will be charged $40 -$20 for early bird purchase (before May 3). Car passes are available on-site if not sold out before hand and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking passes can be purchased on line at any time prior to the festival, or as long as quantities last. Please note, car passes are separate from Festival pass.

There are various camping areas at Valhalla, ranging from very quite to the opposite of very quiet. Camp sites are designed in pods around old growth trees (cedar, spruce, hemlock and balsam) We can accommodate about 350 campers. We would encourage campers to arrive early and clear their own camping spots if it pleases them.

Wristbands will be issued to festival goers at the gate. Please bring copy of receipt either printed or on smartphone.
The price of festival entry includes camping. Please note, car passes are separate from Festival pass.

Re-Entry Policy:
Once your vehicle is in, we request you stay parked to eliminate cars from the vibe as much as possible. We do ask that you keep your exit and re-entry to a minimum.

On Site Services:
We will limited provision of blue outhouses at various locations around the festival grounds. We will also have limited glamping amenities such as;
-hot shower ($10)
-flush toilets ($5)
-food vendors

Bring cloths for everything. It can cool down at night and the mosquitoes can be relentless. You might step in mud or spill a drink on yourself. Who knows. Bring a change of clothes or two.
Pack for all types of outdoor conditions including warm water-proof shoes, winter clothing, extra socks, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear and a good hat for sun or rain. Comfort is the key to staying happy and healthy at Valhalla. Dress in layers as the start of your shift might be much hotter or colder than the end of your shift.

Attendee-Organised Events:
We have created a space for Attendees to have impromptu events. Wanna host a hula hooping class or talk about your love of art? Feel compelled to teach others about kombucha or the benefits of owning bees?
Feel free to email to reserve your space. There will also be an event board located near main stage where you can post your event or gathering.

The tree that connects the nine realms has descended on this the plane of Earth. The participants of Valhalla Fest are invited to decorate it. Whether your travels take you to one place or another, each journey is unique. We invite you to place tokens and images on the bridge. If weather permits the bridge will burn, and we send the images to Valhalla and the halls of Odin.

Who’s ready for some self-care through grounding yoga meditation? Stretch, breathe and love up your body in prep for some deep soulful booty shaking. Yoga allows us to stay centered and connect with the true self and inner groove…revealing where true stillness and peace lives… within!

Two classes daily at the Yoga Garden, Thursday through Sunday. Special Yoga classes at stages TBA.

Summer is mosquito season. Make sure you bring thick sock, jeans and a heavy shirt, in addition to mosquito coils and mosquito spray.