Culture: The ValhallaFest Creed!


Saddened by the lack of deep fried potlucks, morning yoga, or cup pimping workshops? Be the change you want to see in the world. Create an event and either submit it to our website (for planners) or nail it to our event board the weekend of (for people like me). You get what you put into it. Help us create a vibrant, creative and loving community.

If you want to host a mini-event (which we encourage all participants and their camps to do) please click Here

Mini-events which are submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event will be printed in the Participant Events page of your welcome package.


Let your freak flag fly. Been waiting for an excuse to rock that neon pink fur coat? We want your chaos; we want you to be yourself. Feel free to dance on the stage, dress like a fairy, paint your face, watch the sunrise, and kiss that beautiful person (with consent). All are welcome and cherished in Valhalla.

Leave no Trace

ValhallaFest takes place in a beautiful old-growth forest, please don’t throw your plastic bottles and cigarette butts all over it. We spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up all the cigarette butts people left on the property in 2018. If you smoke, please bring an altoids tin as a personal ashtray; bins will be provided for you to empty them out into. Be sure to bring a cup so you can hydrate yourself throughout the weekend.

To help your journey go smoothly, please check out our Preparation page. 

You Are ValhallaFest.