The Site

Fenrir’s Den

At the very end of the site.  Camping in Fenrir’s Den is reserved for volunteers and organizers of the festival.  Ancient lore has told tales of the legendary wolf residing in this exact spot, due to return before the events of Ragnarok.

Jötunn’s Shadow

Located just past the First Aid cabin on the left. Jötunn’s Shadow is framed by three massive old growth cedars, some say ancient shadows left by the giants themselves, with an intimate camp spot and some parking nearby. 

Lofn’s Guild

Located in the forest up the hill across from the stage. Wanna stay up all night and party? Don’t wanna walk far to get to the stage? Lofn’s Guild is the camp for you! 

Thor’s Elbow

Located on the right side of the road after Odin’s Clearing. A winding sandy, trail follows the river revealing a secret island, some say crafted by the thunder god himself.  Framed by amazing old growth sitka spruce trees.

Odin’s Clearing

A more open camping spot for those who wish to camp under the stars and sun. Has lots of parking nearby. 

Freyja’s Garden

Walk down the path to a massive old growth forest cathedral. Large flat area with tons of camping. There is a turn around spot to drop off camping supplies, but no parking. 

Norns’ Well

A long, wide flat and soft section of camping which features the classroom stage. The junction in front of the road fits many cars.