Artist Zone

All Night Stage -Electronic -Not so Quiet Zone:
We are pleased to offer the all night stage -which is located in the center of the festival surronded by magestic trees.

Quiet Zone:
There is a quiet zone 300 meters from the main festival on a ridge overlooking the glacier fed Zimmacord River.

Currently on our line up:
MillerTime :
MillerTime has a vast array of styles and beats at his finger tips. His style mixes multiple types of music to feed everyone's soul.


Kadillak :

Zuu :

Chowski & Hatch :

Chad-E-Ose :

FL!P :

Vehemence :

Jaubee :

Wise Tree :

Mad Lax :

Heddy D :
[coming soon...]

Alvalanche :

GDoubleU :

Cruz :

Synthmonkey :

Chase Bankz :

ST├śNE :

Dinosaur Holocaust :

D-Train :