About ValhallaFest

ValhallaFest is a family friendly Music Festival held at the Lower Shames Estate, a beautiful slice of forest on the Zimmacord River at the bottom of Shames Mountain a 5 minute drive to the town of Terrace, BC,Canada.

Valhallafest is the marriage of Burning Man, Kispiox and old growth forest. It is a celebration of live music and love of the north coast virgin rainforest.

ValhallaFest is being pulled together by a group of like minded people who want to see a old growth forest music festival in Terrace. We want to make a great festival that is fun for everyone.

Lose conformity. Be yourself. Be in amongst friends with the magical renewal of a sun festival on the longest day of the year. It’s your day.

We set the stage, you bring the magic.


Summer Solstice Event, 2018

June 22nd - 24th

13667 Hwy 16 West, Terrace BC,